Scrapbook Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

The Queensferry Crossing Public Scrapbook has a number of Terms and Conditions for use. These are important to ensure that the images that are submitted are both appropriate and meet important legal criteria. Note that any deviation from these Terms and Conditions may render any submission to the public scrapbook void.

Any images submitted to the Public Scrapbook are done so with the express acceptance by the submitter that no payment will be made by Transport Scotland to any party for use of submitted images in line with the following Terms and Conditions.

2. Submission and Acceptance

Entries require the following information in order to be accepted to the Scrapbook:

  • Your full name;
  • Your home town;
  • Your email address;
  • Approximate month and year photograph taken.

Images should be submitted via the Scrapbook upload form.

Submitted photographs should be of a medium or high resolution so as to ensure the highest possible quality.

You may submit more than one photograph.

Multiple uploads must be submitted individually and should not exceed 10Mb otherwise they may be automatically rejected by the Scrapbook.

The Queensferry Crossing ARC Public Scrapbook is intended to showcase the Queensferry Crossing project and therefore, in addition to the criteria detailed in these Terms and Conditions, Transport Scotland reserves the right to refuse submitted images from inclusion in the Public Scrapbook for any reason.

Images will not be accepted into the Scrapbook if they are deemed inappropriate or unlawful. This includes any image that is (in the sole opinion of Transport Scotland) offensive, defamatory, infringes a third party’s intellectual property rights (including privacy and confidentiality rights), has been previously published or is otherwise deemed by Transport Scotland to be contrary to the spirit of the Scrapbook. This will also apply to all other information that accompanies the image.

Photographs that are deemed inappropriate or unlawful will not be considered for inclusion in the Scrapbook and there is no guarantee of a personal response or dialogue for all submissions.

Should a photograph be identified as inappropriate or unlawful after it has been accepted into the Scrapbook, Transport Scotland reserves the right to remove it from the Scrapbook. Examples of this include if an image is accepted, but is later identified as not belonging to the entrant, infringes a third party’s intellectual property rights (such as copyright) or where the image has been sourced from a film or magazine.

3. Eligibility to submit.

The Scrapbook is open to anyone.

Entries may only be submitted via the Scrapbook form at By submitting a photo to the Scrapbook, you agree to abide by, and be bound by, these Terms and Conditions.

By submitting a photo you confirm that the photograph was taken by you or that you have the necessary consent to submit the image to the Scrapbook and for the image to be used in the manner set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Please note that should a complaint be received by Transport Scotland in relation to the photo submitted by you, or you withdraw your consent for Transport Scotland to use the photo at any time, Transport Scotland reserves the right to remove the photograph from the Scrapbook immediately.

4. Copyright, Licence and Entrants Work

By submitting an image for the purposes of use in the Scrapbook, you warrant that the use of the image by Transport Scotland or any of its partners shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified, Transport Scotland and each of its members in respect of any actions, proceeds, costs, claims and damages (including reasonable legal fees) incurred by or awarded against Transport Scotland or any member in connection with the use of the image submitted by you.

Copyright in all images entered into the Scrapbook will be retained by the person who owned copyright at the point on submission.

By submitting an image to the Scrapbook, you hereby grant to Transport Scotland a worldwide, royalty free, irrevocable, perpetual licence to use the image on any media for the following purposes:-

  • to publish the image on the Transport Scotland website and on the website of any partner of Transport Scotland; and
  • for any other reason connected with the promotion of the Scrapbook and/or the Queensferry Crossing ARC website.

If an image is accepted to the Scrapbook, the entrant’s name may be published alongside it wherever used. Note that this accreditation will not be possible with use of entries in printed publications, general Transport Scotland website use or incorporation on any other media outside the context of the Queensferry Crossing Public Scrapbook.

Photographs will not be accepted that feature advertising or trademarks which would otherwise require Transport Scotland to obtain permission to use or would contravene rules which may govern Scottish Government publications.

6. How we use your personal data

Any personal data that you submit to Transport Scotland for the purposes of the Scrapbook will be collected, stored and used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and these Terms and Conditions.

Your personal details will not be disclosed to any third party, other than where stated in these Terms and Conditions.

7. People in photographs entered

Where photographs contain an image or likeness of any living person, entrants are responsible for obtaining consent from the individual(s) in the photo for Transport Scotland to use the photo in the manner described in these Terms and Conditions. If consent from any living individual visible in any photo is not obtained, then it will be the responsibility of the entrant to pixelate an image or likeness of any person or persons visible.

If entries show persons under the age of 18, consent must be granted from the subject’s parents or guardians before submission.

8. Feedback & Other Correspondence

For feedback or advice about the Scrapbook, please email:

For any other correspondence relating to the Queensferry Crossing Public Scrapbook, you can write to:

Queensferry Crossing: Public Scrapbook
Transport Scotland
Buchanan House
58 Port Dundas Road
G4 0HF

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute or claim arising out of these Terms and Conditions or its subject matter shall be governed by Scots Law and the courts of Scotland shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any such dispute or claim.



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